Consortium Agreement Osu

Consortium Agreement Osu

When it comes to higher education, it`s not uncommon for students to take courses at multiple institutions in order to meet their academic goals. This is where consortium agreements, like the one offered by Ohio State University (OSU), come in handy.

A consortium agreement is a contract between two or more institutions that allows a student to receive financial aid from their home institution while taking courses at another institution. This is particularly useful for students who want to take courses that are not offered at their home institution or who want to study abroad.

OSU`s consortium agreement allows students to take courses at other institutions while still maintaining their financial aid status with OSU. This means that students can continue to receive grants, loans, and scholarships from OSU while studying at another institution.

To take advantage of this agreement, students must fill out the consortium agreement form and have it signed by both their home institution and the institution where they plan to take courses. The form must then be submitted to OSU`s Office of Financial Aid.

It`s important to note that not all institutions participate in consortium agreements, so students should check with their home institution and the institution where they plan to take courses to ensure they are eligible. Additionally, students must meet the eligibility requirements for financial aid at both institutions in order to participate in the agreement.

Overall, OSU`s consortium agreement is a valuable resource for students who want to expand their academic opportunities beyond their home institution. By allowing students to maintain their financial aid status while studying elsewhere, the agreement eliminates a significant barrier to pursuing educational opportunities at other institutions.